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Nothing about choosing a diamond ring is supposed to be off-putting. Diamonds are among the most fascinating objects in existence, and the prospect of owning one you can wear, should fill you with mostly positive feelings. If that is not the case, then chances are you walked in unprepared. Despite there being many things to consider, arming yourself with a little bit of essential know-how can keep you from getting confused, or worse, overwhelmed. Beauty may be something that only manifests in the eye of the beholder; at any rate, it often also misleads that person. When it comes to diamonds, looks are far from the only thing that makes them worth what they are. There are plenty of technical details you can learn along those lines, but for practical purposes, familiarizing with just a few major things would suffice. We can help with that, via a wealth of informative posts filled with insights and tips you can use in purchase situations. Remember the last time you were mind-boggled by the sheer range of jewelry options you saw inside your budget? Learn from us, and that will never happen again. Our assistance involves helping you from decisions from what you learn about diamonds, rings, jewelry metals, mount settings, etc. With the right information in your head, indecision would definitely not be one of your problems anymore. An educated customer is often a happy customer; plus, you could show off to friends and family, like at a wedding. Just saying. Diamond characteristics are at the center of everything we deal with; the 4C’s specifically, are what pass for commandments in this sphere of business. Knowing about them is important to understanding the subjective worth of any stone; being familiar with their interplay lets you figure out the sensible appeal in buying any given diamond. This way you stay better-informed, and are in turn likely to ask all the right questions when you get a chance. You are more probable to make smarter purchase decisions in such cases. We give you the information you need to make that happen, covering everything from the physical characteristics of diamonds, to the various types of inlay you can choose for different rings.