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Buying a loose diamond offers consumers many benefits. When you purchase a mounting and a center diamond stone separately, you’ll be able to obtain a loose diamond that matches your desired specifications and quality characteristics, and then have it mounted into your chosen setting for a truly customized piece. Loose diamonds also allow for easier assessment of quality, as it’s more difficult to hide imperfections that would otherwise be obscured by jewelry mountings. (Want to speak with a diamond expert? Call +1 for expert advice on selecting the perfect loose diamond.) Look through our unique selection of loose diamonds and discover the ideal gem to complement your jewelry. Choose from a selection of ten shapes and narrow down your search by factors such as clarity, cut, and carat.

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How To Choose The Carat

When shopping for a loose diamond choosing diamond carat size is generally a matter of preferences for dimensionality, but also involves an understanding of how quality factors affect diamond prices. Carat weight usually translates to approximate size equivalents, but depending on how the diamond is proportioned, stones of a given weight might vary widely in actual size.
As diamond carat increases the cost “per carat” increases as well, leading to an exponential increase in the total price. For example, a 1.01 carat diamond of a certain quality might cost $5000 per carat, or $5050 total. The same quality in a 2.01 carat might cost $8000 per carat or $16,080 total. So a diamond twice as big can cost over three times as much.
Color and clarity grades can greatly affect the diamond carat range that can be purchased with a given budget. Some compromise is almost always made in one or both areas. Loose diamonds in the colorless range (DEF) sell for premium prices, as do diamonds that are near flawless (IF, VVS1, VVS2). To many people, these stones are essentially indistinguishable from near colorless stones with minor inclusions (GHIJ VS/SI). It is important to understand which factors are most important to you so that you can select the ideal diamond for your budget.